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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Karnataka Vipra Foundation Inauguration - Bangalore

We are very glad to announce that , we are about to introduce Karnataka VF , which will be held in Bangalore at Ashirwad Kalyan Mandap , Tyag Raj Nagar , Bangalore ,
All Brahmans Are Requested To Report There By 11:00 AM , Further Lunch Facilities Are Also There .
The Chief Guest : Mr. Sushil Ojha , International Volunteer , Will Also Be Present .
So Get There For A Heavy Weight Discussion  .;] 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hello There ,
We Are Very Happy To Announce That Our Member Vijay Ojha Who Was Elected As A Candidate From Ward 23 , Has Won The Elections Fairly With 200 + Votes.
We Are Very About To Celebrate This Good Day.

We Greet Him Very Best Of Luck For His Future Activities.
May He Become The Undisputed Champion In The Next Election As Well . ;)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Success !

Vipramaha Kumbh ended with a new start , the program got a very glorious end . Vipramaha kumbh created a history , Firstly a greatfull thanks and congratulations to Sushil Ojha and his team who contributed to this great successive Program .Vipramaha Kumbh created a history of hosting an individual programme for one's Samaj. Rajasthan Brahman Sangh would be very much pleased to have such a member who promoted RBS to such an extent that all are now praising Sushil Ojha.

The best part of the organization was that it got members who helped VMK a Lot , there were a hundred of people who didn't see VMK's Program  but they were at Duty of the same. There were 37 Hotels booked for the guests who were called for this great event .VMK was a big success for Youngsters as well as for elders , there were very much satisfied with this. As said above the Key behind the success of VMK was Sushil Ojha .
There were a number of Donations to this Organizations on be-half of Helping the poor people and helping those who can't afford a good marriage for their childrens.

The Detailed Snaps and other Information's are to be posted hereby .

Saturday, December 19, 2009

20th Of December 2009

Timings :                                                          Address                                 

Today's Programm 

Morning 10:00 -----------------------------------C.K. 271 , SaltLake


Evening   8:00------------------------------------38 , Lake-Gardens


Friday, December 18, 2009

Introduction - Vipramaha Kumbh

For More Details Visit

Rajasthan Brahman Sangh is a registered institution formed in the year 1953 having its own building situated at 14/2 Sovaram Bysack street, Kolkata-7. Since then the organization has established educational institution primary and secondary as well. The above government aided institutions are running smoothly in the premises owned by sangh. In the said premises we are also running charitable medical aid section to render medical assistance to the poor section of the society. Apart from that we have two Community Halls in which auspicious occasions are celebrated.

Rajasthan Brahman Sangh under its banner Vipra Mahakumbh have organized a national conference at Nazrul Manch between 25th to 27th December2009.The delegates from all parts of the country including all districts and sub-urban area shall participate. The main themes of the deliberation are National Integration, Social harmony and Community upliftment. The delegate comprises eminent personalities from all walks of life.

The inaugural session of the social conference shall take place on 25th December2009 in which discussion on each above topic shall be introduced. On 26th deliberation on the said topics shall take place and on 27th to summing up and adoption of necessary resolution shall take place. On every evening cultural programmes shall be performed by our members. The concluding session shall take place at 4:30 P.M. on 27th December2009.

Sushil Ojha
(Chief Convenor)

Deepak Ojha
(Technical Director)

(Personal Assistant)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009